primary suspect

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  • Info Primary Suspect is an action, thriller, and mystery film written by D.Alvelo and Marc Bienstock and directed by Jeff Celentano.
  • He becomes the primary suspect and is asked not to leave town.
  • On these grounds he soon became the primary suspect of the investigation.
  • As the last person known to see the victim alive, he is her primary suspect.
  • The book notes several officers, including a primary suspect, were reassigned to other positions.
  • At least three people other than the primary suspect were involved in buying the bomb materials, sources said.
  • Capano, the last known person to have seen her alive, was the primary suspect.
  • When Diane refuses to talk to the police after the murder, she becomes the primary suspect.
  • Later that day, Tom dies after falling from his bedroom window, and his sons are the primary suspects.
  • He was also the primary suspect in the disappearance of water buffaloes in the area.
  • After his mistress, a young student, is found murdered, Oliviero becomes the primary suspect.
  • The King brothers were among the primary suspects in Tom's murder, and were suspicious of each other.
  • Mary Jane Fonder became the primary suspect for the possible homicide of her father.
  • The investigation concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to gain interest to a primary suspect because there was no evidence of file disturbance.
  • Neal seems consistently jealous when she talks about a former boyfriend, the primary suspect in their case.
  • The primary suspect was John Russell, who already had a conviction for rape.
  • The report identified alosetron as the "primary suspect" in the death.
  • Mr. Gibb is the primary suspect because police officials find evidence that he was with Ally moments before she was kidnapped.
  • Benjamin called her next day because he was surprised that she did not arrive; police recorded his phone call and Benjamin became the primary suspect for her murder.
  • Sano was shocked when his mother became embroiled in the case as a primary suspect and learned there were much more to her than he had ever imagined.
  • However, that summer, Stefano is killed, and EJ becomes the primary suspect.
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