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  • Preysing was part of the five-member commission that prepared the anti-Nazi encyclical.
  • Bishop von Preysing also had contact with the group.
  • About 1483 the Count of Preysing received the castle and its judicial seat.
  • Bishop von Preysing had contact with the group.
  • Figures like Galen and Preysing attempted to protect German priests from arrest.
  • Preysing even infrequently attended meetings of the Kreisau Circle German resistance movement.
  • Flaemmchen comes in and sees what happened and tells Kringelein, who confronts Preysing.
  • He insists he acted in self-defense, but Kringelein summons the police and Preysing is arrested.
  • Bishop Konrad von Preysing of Berlin agreed that the address referred to Jews, but considered it not specific enough.
  • Preysing interrupts them and imperiously demands she join him.
  • Preysing has cornered Flaemmchen in their adjoining rooms and pressures her for sex.
  • Bishops von Preysing and Frings were the most public in their statements against genocide.
  • Bishop von Preysing was among the most firm and consistent bishops to oppose the Nazis.
  • Surprised by his uncharacteristic audacity, Preysing attacks Kringelein and the two men must be separated.
  • After a struggle, Preysing kills the Baron with the gangster's gun.
  • Bishops von Preysing and Frings were the most public in the statements against genocide.
  • The cause was furthered when a high ranking German Cardinal, Konrad von Preysing, visited the church.
  • Later, when the two are in her room, which opens on to his, Preysing sees the shadow of the Baron rifling through his belongings.
  • Bishop von Preysing was one of the Catholic contacts of the Kreisau Circle of the German Resistance.
  • He attempts to blackmail Preysing, with tragic results.
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Root form of preysing is prey for the verb.

How Preysing gets used

Meaning of Preysing

  • verb Profit from in an exploitatory manner
    He feeds on her insecurity