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  • I know myself how water preys upon one's mind. Cited from A Room With A View, by E. M. Forster
  • He preys on women who can provide for him.
  • They are entirely defenceless, of course, and almost every living thing preys upon them. Cited from The Silver Horde, by Rex Beach
  • For these reasons the country gentleman, like the fox, seldom preys near his own home. Cited from The De Coverley Papers, by Joseph Addison and Others
  • He no doubt preys upon everyone as he has preyed upon me. Cited from Marching Men, by Sherwood Anderson
  • That's the worst of these lonely places: my mind preys upon itself. Cited from Entire PG Edition of William Dean Howells
  • It climbs trees and preys on birds while they sleep, being a night animal. Cited from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vo. 10, No. 271
  • He usually preys on young women, but has no qualms over whom he murders.
  • Some have criticised this program, stating that it preys on students who cannot support themselves during university.
  • "What's it that preys on your mind?" he consequently asked her. Cited from Hung Lou Meng, Book II, by Cao Xueqin
  • She is omnivorous, she preys on everything, down to her own kind, should the occasion offer. Cited from The Wonders Of Instinct, by J H Fabre
  • I have felt it every day of my life; and I think it preys upon each and every one who must go about here. Cited from The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, by Selma Lagerloef
  • It is capable of disguising its voice, and generally preys on young, single women.
  • Recent research shows it also preys on jellyfish in some areas.
  • I'm no bird-eater who preys upon his kind. Cited from The Wonderful Adventures of Nils, by Selma Lagerloef
  • Let one of the animals on which he preys approach, however, and instantly he becomes a demon. Cited from Nature's Serial Story, by E. P. Roe
  • It preys upon me to such a degree, that I shall not be happy or feel at ease until it is settled. Cited from The Journal of Negro History, Volume 3, 1918, by Various
  • It calls upon the people, if they would be free, to strike down the hydra that preys upon the state. Cited from Thirty Years In Hell, by Bernard Fresenborg
  • This life in a capital, where all are so active, myself so objectless, preys on me like a low fever. Cited from My Novel, by E. B. Lytton, Book 7
  • Thus, when the number of predators is scarce, the number of preys should rise.
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Root form of preys is prey for both verb and noun.

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Meaning of preys

  • noun A person who is the aim of an attack (especially a victim of ridicule or exploitation) by some hostile person or influence
    he fell prey to muggers, everyone was fair game, the target of a manhunt
  • noun Animal hunted or caught for food
  • verb Profit from in an exploitatory manner
    He feeds on her insecurity