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  • However, after three years, the Mill Hill Fathers took it over again in 1932, under Father P. Preyde.
  • In this experimental documentary -- set to a trippy acid jazz score -- Preyde faces the ongoing repercussion of her trips: a possible misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder instead of temporary acid psychosis, and ironically, lifelong reliance on prescription meds.
  • For which delibered was by parlement For Antenor to yelden out Criseyde, And it pronounced by the president, Al-theigh that Ector `nay' ful ofte preyde. Cited from Troilus and Crisyde, by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Goth Pandarus, and Troilus he soughte, Til in a temple he fond him allone, As he that of his lyf no lenger roughte; But to the pitouse goddes everichone Ful tendrely he preyde, and made his mone, 950 To doon him sone out of this world to pace; For wel he thoughte ther was non other grace. Cited from Troilus and Crisyde, by Geoffrey Chaucer