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  • Elfin is like Preyas, for she can change attributes to gain an advantage during battle.
  • Small in comparison to the other monsters, Preyas makes up for it in speed.
  • Later, he and Preyas hold off Venexus until Zenthon makes the save.
  • His greatest strength is that Preyas can change his molecular structure allowing him to turn to Darkus or Subterra.
  • Preyas, clearly concerned that something is wrong with Drago, leaves with Amazon, letting Drago rest.
  • When Drago arrives, Amazon begins taunting him, calling him an old man and immediately asks Drago for a battle, having heard all about Drago from Preyas.
  • He sent Marucho's prized and caring Preyas to the Doom Dimension.
  • Preyas is a chameleon-like Bakugan with strong loyalty to Marucho.
  • In episode 35, he joins with Prince Hydron to battle Marucho for the Aquos attribute energy and succeeds upon defeating Elfin, but lost to Preyas.
  • The Vexos continually failed to bring him Drago, the last of the six fighting Bakugan needed in his collection, as he had already in possession of Gorem, Preyas, Tigrerra, Skyress, and Hydranoid in a petrified statue form.
  • In Elfin On the Run, he teams up with Shadow Prove to try to obtain the Aquos Energy from Marucho and Aquos Minx Elfin and succeed in defeating Elfin, but lost to Preyas.
  • After Skyress, Hydranoid, Gorem, Tigrerra and Preyas are rescued, Ace and Percival return to Vestal with Baron and Mira and spread the truth about the Bakugan and the Vexos' actions.