prey is abundant

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  • They are also able to propagate more rapidly in environments where prey is abundant.
  • Such behaviour is particularly common when prey is abundant.
  • The bobcat is able to survive for long periods without food, but will eat heavily when prey is abundant.
  • Gluttony has been reported; when prey is abundant, they may eat until they are literally unable to swallow any more food.
  • Litters contain from one to four cubs, and tend to be much larger when prey is abundant.
  • When prey is abundant throughout a habitat, cooperative hunting is not an effective strategy.
  • Although it rarely attacks poultry, some specimens may become specialised poultry raiders, even when wild prey is abundant.
  • The cheetah thrives in areas with vast expanses of land where prey is abundant.
  • Scavenging birds, such as vultures, will gorge themselves when prey is abundant, causing their crop to bulge.
  • Within the game, gricks live underground predators which make their hunting grounds where prey is abundant, using their dark coloration to blend into shadowed areas.
  • They are often found in scrub patches of palmetto and occasionally near swamps, where amphibian prey is abundant.
  • Delayed implantation allows marbled polecats to time the birth of their cubs for favorable conditions, such as when prey is abundant.
  • They gorge themselves when prey is abundant, until their crop bulges, and sit, sleepy or half torpid, to digest their food.
  • While gray bats have been shown to forage in small groups when prey is abundant, especially during the early hours of the night, when prey is scarce, gray bats can become territorial.
  • When prey is abundant, cooperation is no longer beneficial enough to outweigh the disadvantages of altruism, and hunting is no longer a cooperative effort.
  • The prevalence of T. gondii in cat populations depends on the availability of infected birds and small mammals, but often this prey is abundant.
  • Jeff Watson advocated that, instead of trying to kill the golden eagle, that sheep-farmers should encourage population growth in prey like rabbits, hares and ground squirrels, as golden eagles will generally ignore livestock if wild prey is abundant.
  • The average litter consists of 5-6 pups, with litter sizes tending to increase in areas where prey is abundant, though exceptionally large litters of 14-17 pups occur only 1% of the time.