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  • The houses were built to almost full scale after previously being three-quarter size.
  • The Championship section was for players who had previously won an international tournament.
  • The set features songs from both these albums plus previously un-released material.
  • Dutch previously had a larger range, and extended into parts of modern-day France.
  • All tracks in this recording are previously un-released in any format.
  • Previously, this journey would have taken two to three weeks.
  • While the answer is being stated, the voice in which the subject was previously heard continues with new material.
  • A game is one of perfect information if all players know the moves previously made by all other players.
  • This brings touch screen technology to those who were previously unable to use it.
  • This may be a new mutation or previously present in one of the parents.
  • The office of Governor-General was previously used during the mid-19th century in Australia.
  • It was previously used in a similar fashion during the Gulf War.
  • The boroughs are responsible for many activities that had previously been run by the central city.
  • The film included hand-painted slides as well as other previously used techniques.
  • He had previously received a Jewish religious education.
  • Evans had given the site to them some years previously.
  • Precisely, it states that opening the door changes the state of the door if it had been previously closed.
  • About a third of the volunteers had previously participated in the Winter War.
  • Previously it had not been clear when and how bread and wine got onto the altar.
  • Dublin's economic divide also was previously an east-west as well as a north-south.
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Meaning of previously

  • adverb At an earlier time or formerly
    she had previously lived in Chicago, he was previously president of a bank, better than anything previously proposed, a previously unquestioned attitude, antecedently arranged