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  • When the new version appears to work, it is written over the previous version.
  • Each set covered game play for more powerful characters than the previous.
  • The previous match up between these two teams was in the Championship Game.
  • The collection sold more than twice as many copies as his previous books.
  • At least three years of previous law study are required for entry.
  • The previous division into two provinces was allowed to stand as an established fact.
  • The political violence of previous years began to start again.
  • However, it turns toward concerns of language more than her previous works.
  • After the first game, the winner of the previous game starts first.
  • Silence, along with Fire Field, are the only areas to return from previous games.
  • The new servers provided more than four times the performance of previous models.
  • In developed countries, these figures are significantly lower than in previous centuries.
  • This film features scenes shown in his previous films.
  • The album did not have the success of her previous pop or gospel efforts.
  • All of the previous examples of Lie groups fall within the class of classical groups.
  • This assault was directed along much the same route as the previous heavy cavalry attacks.
  • To do this he tells a story; one that is mainly original but includes some material from his previous work.
  • What was more, I discovered that he had been seen in London within the previous twenty-four hours. Cited from My Strangest Case, by Guy Boothby
  • Nevertheless, its use was less widespread than in the previous war.
  • All songs from previous versions were re-rated on the new scale.
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