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  • Such an example of the preventive strike has created new questions for international law.
  • Only the units already mentioned and called for the preventive measures received orders to advance.
  • I hope you will use what preventives you can. Cited from Weighed and Wanting, by George MacDonald
  • There are two preventive measures that business owners can use to protect themselves.
  • Because the cause is unknown, no effective preventive measures can be taken.
  • They provide patient and preventive care, research, education, and local, national, and international community well-being.
  • This preventive action may alleviate what might otherwise develop into a very serious event.
  • Studies of the quality of preventive health care find the opposite results - primary care physicians perform best.
  • The camp administration did not start any preventive measures until some German soldiers became infected.
  • Military Police are a type of preventive state police in every state of Brazil.
  • I looked for the preventives, but I could not see them. Cited from Jim Davis, by John Masefield
  • Preventive police almost always make up the bulk of a police service's personnel.
  • Most preventive police work is carried out by constables assigned to police stations.
  • The type of preventive medicine is usually chosen based on the other symptoms the person has.
  • Individual security can be achieved only by using preventive protection tools on private computers.
  • In addition to regular medical training, he did a research fellowship in preventive medicine and public health.
  • Fielding has published on a wide range of public health as well as preventive medicine issues.
  • The ideal preventive maintenance program would prevent all equipment failure before it occurs.
  • Frank has been lauded for her work in public health and preventive medicine.
  • However, if the risk of infection is higher, individuals are more likely to take preventive action.
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Meaning of preventive

  • noun Remedy that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease
    the doctor recommended several preventatives
  • adjective Tending to prevent or hinder