presumptuous hope

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  • We are not inspired, gentlemen, in this plan of war and of peace by any presumptuous hope, for we have the certainty of success. Cited from New York Times Current History: The European War, March 1915
  • The contempt of risk, and the presumptuous hope of success, are in no period of life more active than at the age at which young people choose their professions. Cited from Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith
  • Under a vague but strong impulse he had spoken foolishly, he thought; and suggested that, in seeking to change her character, his motive in part might be a presumptuous hope of his own. Cited from From Jest to Earnest, by E. P. Roe
  • But the reason for restraining presumptuous hope which pertains to humility is not the same as the reason for strengthening the soul against despair. Cited from Summa Theologica, Part II-II (Secunda Secundae), by Thomas Aquinas
  • The presumptuous hope of success seems to act here as upon all other occasions, and to entice so many adventurers into those hazardous trades, that their competition reduces the profit below what is sufficient to compensate the risk. Cited from Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith
  • But whatever the reach of this knowledge, it was not sufficient to prevent him from harbouring the presumptuous hope of so choosing and so fashioning the heart and mind of a woman that they should be as concave mirrors to his own. Cited from Stephen Archer and Other Tales,by George MacDonald
  • Our forefathers by God's providence, set earnestly to work reforming it where corrupted, repairing it when dilapidated, but did not pull it down, in the presumptuous hope of building up another. Cited from The Actress in High Life, by Sue Petigru Bowen
  • Some gleams of success which shone upon the Gothic arms in Dalmatia towards the end of 535 filled the feeble soul of Theodahad with presumptuous hope, and he broke off with arrogant faithlessness the negotiations which he had begun. Cited from Theodoric the Goth, by Thomas Hodgkin
  • Doubts and fears sometimes arise lest I should be indulging in a false and presumptuous hope, and, as there is great danger lest we should be deceived in this momentous concern, we cannot be too anxious in ascertaining whether our hope be that of the Gospel, as set forth in His Word of truth. Cited from Principal Cairns, by John Cairns