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  • Info Pressurization (or Pressurisation) is the application of pressure in a given situation or environment. more...
  • They can also be used for pressurization of areas within buildings to provide contamination control.
  • The suit is connected to aircraft systems that provide the required pressurization and oxygen.
  • Additional issues occur with respect to pressurization of the aircraft.
  • By this time, American had changed their requirements to require pressurization and deemed the design too small.
  • Air or nitrogen from the source of pressurization is not the only potential cause of sudden over-pressure.
  • The cabin pressurization will be contained within a single-piece carbon shell.
  • These would include full pressurization, and would be the precursor to today's space suits.
  • The major difference was the addition of full pressurization.
  • These pressurization doors should have opened completely on touchdown to depressurize the aircraft.
  • It was the second American aircraft to feature cabin pressurization.
  • It must also have well-proven, fail-safe pressurization and cabin air re-cycling systems.
  • The most obvious, and common, solution to this problem was to run the entire cooling system under pressurization.
  • The crew enjoyed, for the first time in a bomber, full-pressurization comfort.
  • A driver is required to inspect the air pressurization system prior to driving and make sure all tanks are in working order.
  • There are also a number of water guns that employ a variety of pressurization systems to propel water.
  • Cabin pressurization was also planned for production aircraft.
  • One use of the device is to equalize pressure during suit pressurization.
  • The inspection was carried out by a ground engineer who then performed a pressurization leak check.
  • All pumps work are staggered in time so as to achieve a level of pressurization as even as possible.
  • The speed of pressurization and de-pressurization can be adjusted to each patient's needs.
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