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  • Immediately after cut-off, the second stage attitude control system was pressurised.
  • Apart from these, he also pressurised her to get the legal rights to her house in India.
  • They will be pressurised to find their partners as soon as possible.
  • What types of typical pressurised systems might require a written scheme of examination?
  • Pressurised by the Cape church, he was forced to leave for Germany again after seven years.
  • The actual day in court showed me how readily students rose to the challenge of such a pressurised setting.
  • During the rest of the flight the pilot had a pressurised cabin with just two small windows on each side.
  • In either design the system is then filled with pressurised, de-gassed oil.
  • Cooling the more powerful engine was achieved using a pressurised water system.
  • It uses a pre-pressurised mixture of fuel and air to get more power out of a given chamber volume.
  • Several independent members were pressurised into supporting Ballance, who was able to form an administration.
  • All windows and doors are completely pressurised by means of a special sealant section.
  • Pressurised water immediately flooded the rooms and continued damage to the plant.
  • Human nature being what it was, the state Government was pressurised to maintain status-quo.
  • The pressurised cabin was of great importance during this research.
  • It was among the first combat aircraft with a pressurised cabin.
  • The former were the airline's first pressurised aircraft while the latter was its first turboprop.
  • This additional construction enabled water to be delivered to the higher-lying areas of the city through pressurised pipes.
  • Once pressurised, a large lamp could burn for some hours before the pressure fell enough to require more pumping.
  • A larger version with pressurised cabin called 90B was planned, but never made.
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Root form of pressurised is pressurise for the verb.