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  • The away side started to level out the game, pressuring every pass and movement the host team made.
  • Refugees had also received letters pressuring them to return to their own countries.
  • This did not prevent the former emperor for pressuring his wife, the queen mother, for funds.
  • It was a commercial failure, and the record company began pressuring the band to find a new lead singer.
  • By early October the King was pressuring the British political world for an all-party conference.
  • The US administration was pressuring other countries to set up similar bailout plans.
  • Even after they kept pressuring him, Bachir refused to immediately give Israel peace.
  • Crew felt that Giuliani began pressuring him to leave immediately they were on less friendly terms.
  • His victory is credited with successfully pressuring the government to agree to bring the province into the plan.
  • She discovers her father is having an affair, and Jim tries pressuring her into having sex.
  • She invited children to study without pressuring them to engage.
  • During this period Stieglitz's parents began pressuring him to settle down and get married.
  • Pressuring the two men, he eventually gets the gangsters to agree to provide him a room.
  • She had been pressuring him because she was pregnant, he said, and he simply wanted her to stop pestering him.
  • Scott started pressuring her until Ben came to her rescue.
  • St. John won't give up and keeps pressuring Jane to marry him.
  • These types of public statements made clear the relative ineffectiveness of traditional means of pressuring the government.
  • But Paul moved out on his own volition when Isabella started pressuring him to get married.
  • They manage to stop the labor and Patrick promises to stop pressuring her about getting married.
  • His employers had been pressuring him to commit to a career after cricket.
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Root form of pressuring is pressure for the verb.