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  • After his defeat, Pressler passed the New York bar and worked again as a lawyer.
  • She was survived by her husband, David Pressler and their two children and three grandchildren.
  • Pressler's career in entertainment first started in his twenties after moving to Los Angeles.
  • Pressler became one of the first women in the state to clerk for an appellate judge.
  • According to her husband, David Pressler, she did not think that the Little League case was a difficult one to decide.
  • Pressler has not committed to caucusing with either party in the Senate.
  • The Pressler law caused a great panic in the military and each Inter-Services now focused and launched its own military industrial programs.
  • A poll in early October 2014 showed Pressler in second place in the four-way Senate race.
  • He was made the president of the theme park division in September 2002, replacing Paul Pressler.
  • Pressler says that his top priority is cutting the national deficit.
  • Pressler and Johnson swapped leads in their own polls all year.
  • If elected, Pressler supports raising taxes on the rich, possibly gradually increasing the retirement age for Social Security.
  • Pressler was free to proceeed with his suit, including discovery.
  • The coach is currently Mike Pressler, who previously coached Duke.
  • It was during her regime that the Pressler amendment came in effect in an attempt to freeze the programme.
  • Since leaving the Senate, Pressler has served as a lawyer, business advisor, and lecturer and has remained active in politics and government.
  • Throughout its existence, the trio was held together by the founding member, pianist Menahem Pressler.
  • Pressler was appointed an official observer of Ukraine's national election in December 2004.
  • Mike Pressler was hired as head coach in 1991, and the following season Duke made its first NCAA tournament appearance.
  • In early June 2007, Pressler and Duke agreed upon a financial settlement for an undisclosed amount.
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