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  • But he might come to mean something, and had been most pressingly asked. Cited from Mr. Scarborough's Family, by Anthony Trollope
  • The money was pressingly wanted, and no other means to come by it occurred to me. Cited from The Fortunes of Nigel, by Sir Walter Scott
  • One day, there came to the headquarters of the young general-in-chief a young man who very pressingly asked to see him. Cited from Queen Hortense, by L. Muhlbach
  • But this led me to write even more pressingly. Cited from The Life of Sir Richard Burton, Thomas Wright
  • Most pressingly of all, her fifteen-year-old daughter, Charlie, has yet to return from a night out.
  • He said nothing at first; she only felt him close to her -- beside her on the bench and pressingly turned to her. Cited from The Portrait of a Lady, Vol 2, by Henry James
  • Though Francis pressingly solicited an interview, Charles suffered several weeks to pass before going near him. Cited from Historical Tales, The Romance of Reality, Vol. 7, by Charles Morris
  • He invited you suddenly, not pressingly; but with such heartiness that you at once agreed to come. Cited from Charles Lamb: A Memoir, by Barry Cornwall
  • "If it may be permitted, and the gentleman is not too pressingly engaged." Cited from Doom Castle, by Neil Munro
  • The woman did not allow anyone to touch the box, no matter how kindly or pressingly the witnesses asked.
  • But I urge pressingly that my articles may be sealed up in my presence. Cited from Marie Antoinette And Her Son, by Louise Muhlbach 3
  • And now, indeed, there is evidence that he was incommoded again, and that more pressingly. Cited from Ghost Stories of an Antiquary, by M. R. James
  • I saw that the commander-in-chief began to waver, and I urged him more pressingly. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 330, April 1843, Vol. 53
  • The lords-commissioners called him before them, and argued the matter pressingly. Cited from Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 346, August 1844, Vol. 56
  • Her son pressingly entreated her that she would make Mount Vernon the home of her age. Cited from Life And Times Of Washington, V2, by Schroeder, &c
  • However, I have wrote to him as pressingly as I could, and wish most heartily it may have any effect. Cited from Letters of Horace Walpole, V2, Horace Walpole
  • All of them struggle not only to realize their dreams, but more pressingly, to get accepted and understood by the society.
  • The higher, bleed as they may, too pressingly feel their debt. Cited from Diana of the Crossways by Meredith, v2
  • Your Country most pressingly sollicits, or will you allow me to say, DEMANDS your Assistance here. Cited from The Original Writings of Samuel Adams, Volume 3
  • From that place he wrote pressingly to administration, for reinforcements of men and ships to enable him to execute his plans. Cited from The Life of George Washington, Vol. 1 (of 5), by John Marshall
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  • adverb In a pressing manner