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  • The money was returned the next day in front of the press.
  • The find was announced to the press during the second week of investigation.
  • The constitution and law provide for freedom of speech and of the press.
  • She turned and pressed herself against a wall, which opened to receive her.
  • Ireland encouraged full-court press and a high-speed style of play.
  • The policy has been the subject of some controversy within the press.
  • The constitution and the law provide for freedom of speech and press.
  • Police were also present to keep the press away.
  • International pressure and domestic opposition eventually pressed the government toward a national election.
  • Her unexpected loss left her in tears in her post-match press conference.
  • A second player can join the game at any time by pressing start.
  • A move is completed when it has been made and the player has pressed the clock.
  • In practice, however, they do occasionally press for their national interest.
  • Once a final judgment was set, it was given to the public and the press.
  • The team performed well, yet received almost no attention from the Baltimore press.
  • Some of them were pressed into temporary service and some others were used for training.
  • Round us press'd the crew, With wonder in the eyes of most. Cited from Victories of Love, by Coventry Patmore
  • At about the same time, a new form of key pressed from beneath was developed.
  • However, the advantage was not pressed home and they returned to base.
  • Post-match press conference, drug testing, and radio rooms will also be included.
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Root form of pressing is press for the verb.

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Meaning of pressing

  • noun The act of pressing; the exertion of pressure
    he gave the button a press, he used pressure to stop the bleeding, at the pressing of a button
  • noun A metal or plastic part that is made by a mechanical press
  • verb Exert pressure or force to or upon
    He pressed down on the boards, press your thumb on this spot
  • verb Place between two surfaces and apply weight or pressure
    pressed flowers
  • verb Crowd closely
    The crowds pressed along the street
  • verb Create by pressing
    Press little holes into the soft clay
  • verb Be urgent
    This is a pressing problem
  • verb Press from a plastic
    press a record
  • verb Make strenuous pushing movements during birth to expel the baby
    `Now push hard,' said the doctor to the woman