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  • Presser was not involved in the settlement, and the civil suit against him continued.
  • Presser quickly established his control over the Teamsters during his first six months in office.
  • It takes about eight weeks for a green hand to become a good seam presser. Cited from Wage Earning and Education, by R. R. Lutz
  • De doctor, he say I got de blood presser. Cited from Slave Narratives: Georgia, Part 4, by Work Projects Administration
  • Presser's childhood was by his own account a happy one.
  • The loss of his first wife marked Presser for life.
  • Presser also wrote poetry, and even ventured into the area of crime fiction.
  • Presser sought a two-year replacement agreement that would provide a wage increase.
  • Presser dropped out of school in the middle of the eighth grade.
  • They travel too much on the high presser principle. Cited from The American Union Speaker, by John D. Philbrick
  • Presser agreed to do both, so long as laid-off union members were given preference in re-hiring.
  • Presser's involvement with organized crime eventually led to fears for his safety.
  • Besides historical work, Presser also wrote works of literature.
  • Presser was subsequently diagnosed with brain cancer, setting off a power struggle within the union.
  • The coffee should then be well pressed down with the presser, and the latter instrument next laid aside. Cited from The Art of Living in Australia, by P.E.Muskett
  • But Presser announced he would not be a candidate and that he was supporting Williams instead.
  • Presser later left her practice and began writing romance novels, regional histories, and plays.
  • His father, who worked as a presser in the garment industry, sent first for his eldest son and his daughter.
  • Presser himself taught the actors, who were inexperienced in rock music, the songs.
  • Presser opened contract talks nearly a year early, and won a moderate wage increase.
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