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  • Powell and Pressburger began to go their separate ways after the war.
  • But even while he was working with Powell, Pressburger still did some projects on his own.
  • Pressburger was always on hand, usually on the studio floor, to make sure that these late changes fitted seamlessly into the story.
  • The film was the first production of Powell and Pressburger not to be a major box office success.
  • The films they made together in this period were mainly original stories by Pressburger, who also did most of the work of a producer for the team.
  • But Powell and Pressburger soon learnt who they could work well with and these people enjoyed working with them.
  • With the war at an end, Powell & Pressburger at last had access to colour film.
  • Powell and Pressburger decided early on that they had to use dancers who could act rather than actors who could dance a bit.
  • This problem was discussed by Powell and Pressburger themselves and has been much discussed since.
  • He was finally convinced by the producer Arnold Pressburger to try and film one of his stage successes.
  • Powell and Pressburger went on to make over 20 more films together.
  • Four years later, Gray was again working with Powell and Pressburger.
  • Although mainly centred on male roles, Powell encouraged Pressburger to create a number of significant female characters.
  • For the actual dialogue, Pressburger would know what he wanted the characters to say but Powell would often supply some of the actual words.
  • In the early 1950s Powell and Pressburger began to produce fewer films, with notably less success.
  • Several other Hungarian exiles also worked on the film, including the producer Arnold Pressburger.
  • Powell and Pressburger reused actors and crew members in a number of films.
  • Powell and Pressburger, the people and their films have been the subject of many documentaries and books as well as doctoral research.
  • Born in Budapest, Pressburger settled in Italy in 1956, where he worked as a film and theatre director.
  • Past Kaiserebersdorf, the route switches to the Pressburger railway, again via Flying Junction.
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