Press wire service

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  • It focuses mainly on newspapers and the Associated Press wire service, along with a few magazines.
  • News of it was broadcast throughout England, and reported in many newspapers around the world after being carried on the Associated Press wire service.
  • In 1893 the Union became the Associated Press wire service's first affiliate in the West.
  • For two years he was the editor of The Norman Transcript prior to joining the United Press wire service.
  • This sports page, consisting of both local articles and reports from the Associated Negro Press wire service, continued until January 1935.
  • He first achieved journalistic notice in his early twenties as the Ottawa-based national bureau chief and writer for the Canadian University Press wire service.
  • Utilizing local student reporters, combined with the nationally known Associated Press Wire Service, the station produced coverage of national, regional and local events as well as sport reports.
  • The paper became a member of the Associated Press Wire Service that gave them rights to up-to-date war news that could be printed in the paper and delivered to residents of Perry County in a timely manor.
  • During the post-race coverage, Jim McKay briefly announced on-air that the Associated Press wire service was reporting that a spectator fatality had occurred, but he did not connect the incidents.
  • Accordingly, we dug into our files, ADC radar logs, press wire service files, newspaper morgues in the sighting area, and the files of individuals who collect data on saucers. Cited from The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Edward Ruppelt
  • Print journalists from publications such as The National Post, the Canadian Press wire service, People Magazine, Newsweek, and USA Today have interviewed Dana about her business and her books.
  • Studio and offices were located in downtown Bend at the Pilot Butte Inn and were enlarged in 1945 at which time a United Press wire service printer was installed.
  • After the war, Mr. Michaels remained in India and worked for the United Press wire service's New Delhi office, giving Mr. Michaels the biggest story of his life; in 1948 he broke the story of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • According to the Associated Press wire service, the decision to close the paper followed the unions' rejection of management's demand to save $3 million annually by laying off 43 of the 157 employees, and wage concessions.
  • Eight of their children graduated from Emory, seven with Phi Beta Kappa honors, a fact newsworthy enough to be picked up by the Associated Press wire service when youngest daughter Antoinette graduated from Emory the year following Sledd's death.
  • Morris DeHaven Tracy was a prominent journalist of the 1920s and 1930s, who covered for the United Press wire service many of the important stories of the day, such as the Scopes Evolution Trial, the election of Pope Pius XII, and the tour of Canada of the then Prince of Wales.