press releases

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  • Although there is no press released report available on this matter.
  • We would like your help in writing a press release for the newspapers.
  • There is a press release available for additional information.
  • A following press release revealed the first single from his eighth studio album would be released soon.
  • Another press release listed teams that were committed to the series.
  • Their press releases are often signed by the company's owner or president.
  • Even her press releases have to go through a long manufacturing line before being released.
  • An official press release was issued by the band.
  • Immediately after the press release, changes were made to prevent the creation of any new accounts.
  • There was no press release, and no dispute among members, or management.
  • The exact terms of the settlement were not mentioned in the press release.
  • A press release called for support from everyone, including fellow artists.
  • Press releases regarding current issues are often released through the by permanent staff.
  • The group issued press releases and sent representatives to appear in news media.
  • This was later confirmed more publicly when they published a press release via their official website.
  • I intend to use the picture in a press release during the campaign.
  • To this end, he published a press release.
  • A State Department press release said only he was leaving for "personal reasons."
  • He was only able to save three copies of it because the record company would not allow its press release.
  • This press release was later removed from the website.
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