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  • It presently has two members elected to a school board and a local position.
  • The business district soon developed to the south of the tracks where it is presently located.
  • The assembly members are elected for a fixed term, which presently is four years long.
  • They required a third of the volume of water we presently take from rivers.
  • Four species are presently recognized in the genus, but more are believed to exist.
  • Although the letters are presently for sale, it is not known their future intended location.
  • Presently available data does not allow science to determine which model is correct.
  • Presently, there are long-range plans to create a new entrance for the station at its western end.
  • Presently, only one rail bridge out of two is available for intense train traffic.
  • Presently, many of the major open education sources offer their own form of certificate.
  • These aircraft make up a large percentage of the aircraft presently flying worldwide.
  • Presently, treatment is usually possible if the victim receives medical attention soon enough.
  • France is presently a republic, and has no king.
  • The idea is not presently accepted by the scientific community.
  • Presently, part of the community is still rural and many residents continue to keep and raise animals.
  • A number of cars and trucks are presently available only in ready-to-run form.
  • Members of the real-life Order, however, have presently abandoned use of the habit.
  • The historical estate is now presently up for sale again.
  • The UK is the only nation in the world that presently has such a regime.
  • In the end no definite conclusion can be made with the presently available evidence.
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Meaning of presently

  • adverb At this time or period; now
    he is presently our ambassador to the United Nations, currently they live in Connecticut