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  • Prep has played in a total of nine state championship games, winning six of them.
  • Test prep classes are also popular amongst junior and senior high school students.
  • The prep department later became separate and is now an independent school.
  • The first crew will prep and take out the first train listed on the board.
  • The first crew will prep and take out the first train listed.
  • The prep school has its own building on the same site.
  • Prep schools may be for boys or girls only, or may be co-educational.
  • The prep school also added a new level to its library.
  • Most of the school's own on-site prep come up.
  • The prep school and college shared the same campus up until the 1960s.
  • A house tutor is available to all students during their prep and study times.
  • Before the age of seven or eight, the term "pre-prep school" is used.
  • Since the prep school moved in, the facilities have been extended but the main house is still in use.
  • Prep basketball has been considered one of the top programs in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • Like the main Academy the Prep School is set up like a military unit.
  • Following the example of British prep schools, Academy uses a house system.
  • However, several private test prep companies have boasted much higher average results from their dedicated students.
  • The Prep School has access to all of the facilities of the senior school.
  • Young men attended the same prep schools and colleges, and had their own way of talking.
  • Many of these classes and others are available as college prep or honors.
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