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  • His time in prison broke his health and led to his premature death.
  • This is likely a side effect of premature birth and low birth weight.
  • It's a huge and far too premature loss for all of us.
  • Upon his father's premature death, he was installed at a very young age.
  • Premature birth would not allow for a much larger head size if most of the growth had already happened.
  • People do not believe there is anything they can do about sudden or premature deaths.
  • Mark was a full-term baby born five minutes after his two-months premature brother Anthony.
  • Mass' return proved to be premature and he pulled out of the meeting.
  • He was apparently born premature and remained small in stature through his life.
  • This premature tour during the summer months pushed the album's release to late in the year.
  • The shock sent her into premature labour, and both she and the baby died.
  • Up until his death, he thought that extreme measures were premature.
  • Small and weak as a child, born two months premature, she remained in delicate health throughout her life.
  • Gilbert quickly became pregnant, but went into premature labor more than two months before her due date.
  • The ground was then hit by rain, resulting in a premature end to the day's play.
  • I'm not really sure; it's very premature right now.
  • Their first daughter, born in 1953, died five days after a premature birth.
  • Despite his premature death, his work is considered one of the most original in Colombian literature.
  • It was mostly due to poor health and a premature weakening of his physical strength.
  • He said premature published reports about the investigation might have hurt.
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Meaning of premature

  • adjective Born after a gestation period of less than the normal time
    a premature infant