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  • Such systems will attempt to load pages into main memory preemptively, before a program references them.
  • The village has 2 primary schools each for boys and girls and one preemptively owned primary school.
  • It is not known if Queen took it upon themselves to make the change preemptively or if their record company told them to do so.
  • Operating systems were developed to take advantage of these hardware capabilities and run multiple processes preemptively.
  • It has been speculated that this was done preemptively since some believe the state will soon mandate such restrictions.
  • Preemptively attacking enemies also grants the player an advantage during the battle.
  • His early announcement was regarded as an attempt to preemptively form an anti-Park faction in the party.
  • The best way to avoid these complications is to preemptively treat them.
  • As soon as he arrived on 3 June, he preemptively disbanded the local native regiment.
  • While some instances clearly expressed popular anger at the citizen, ostracism was often used preemptively.
  • Would it even be ethical to use brain scans or other screening methods to preemptively test children in the first place?
  • They decree that Jewish people may preemptively kill those thought to pose a lethal risk.
  • A third seat light opening, especially in a major suit, will act preemptively to make it harder for that player to enter the bidding.
  • Herron feared the Confederates would make another rush at his artillery and preemptively ordered another charge.
  • They first killed every villain and criminal, and then began killing people preemptively, as soon as they made up their minds to commit a crime.
  • Jimmy is aware that Doc knows all his weak points, so he decides to address them preemptively with his lyrics.
  • Here Suzuki preemptively masked his own compositions but animated them and incorporated them into the film's design.
  • The reason for that, he argued, was because the lack of protection between tasks meant a task could hinder the system from operating preemptively.
  • A third objective was to preemptively disrupt the planned Chinese offensive in the region.
  • The decision was made to preemptively strike the Narragansett before an assumed uprising.
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