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  • Often a single predominant religion can influence the culture of an entire nation.
  • However in the common language it was will that was becoming predominant in that role.
  • They are now often the predominant bird in urban areas all along the East coast.
  • Black is the most common colour used, but red and blue are predominant in certain areas.
  • Today, however, the modern nation-state is the predominant form of state to which people are subject.
  • These crops are predominant because of poor ground water supply and soil type.
  • The political history of Africa plays a predominant role in South African music.
  • Events vary with different courses being predominant in different parts of the world.
  • Its use is predominant among friends and close family.
  • In the capital cities, cable is the more predominant form of pay television distribution.
  • Many of these food traditions are especially predominant in many parts of the rural South.
  • The following years would see papermaking develop into the town's predominant industry.
  • He has remained the predominant politician in the country since the early 1950s.
  • The district got its name from the two predominant landscapes in the district.
  • No person falls exclusively into one category, and their predominant quality may shift over time.
  • This theme has become one of the predominant qualities of his work.
  • The list below includes some towns where textiles was not the predominant industry.
  • Digital music is generally expected to become the predominant form by which music is 'used' in the longer term.
  • Dark brown hair is predominant in Latin America and in the Middle East.
  • Therefore, the lumbering industry became the predominant industry because of the extensive building in this time period.
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