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  • Predictably, his plan ends in failure and ultimately he can see no way out.
  • Predictably, it failed to make the stage, at least in its complete, four-hour form.
  • Predictably, the two soon fall for each other though they never directly reveal it.
  • Its performance was predictably poor and only one was completed.
  • Somewhat predictably it failed to chart and remains the group's last ever UK single release.
  • Kniteforce continued to release records, some of which predictably sold better than others.
  • Predictably, many students comment on having learned much from their courses and fellow students.
  • Predictably, the car won't start, so they can't leave.
  • It is unknown what conditions would allow complex phenomena to be described simply and predictably.
  • Stock market returns should not be predictably lower than the short term interest rate (risk free rate).
  • They move very predictably, and always reverse their direction of movement if their way is blocked.
  • The target audience are predictably the youth, many of them first-time voters.
  • Predictably, many Chinese soldiers and sailors fell ill, and began to die in large numbers.
  • The six riders making their debut in the race all predictably found themselves as outsiders.
  • Predictably the man ignores the question and goes to show her out.
  • They are, predictably, denied service, but the four continue to sit and wait.
  • They eventually fall in love, but predictably he grows increasingly uncomfortable with her line of work.
  • Arid zone species appear to travel further and less predictably than those of the more fertile areas.
  • When the movie was translated back into English, some of the accuracy was predictably lost.
  • Predictably, the log cannon flew apart on its first fire and played no further part in the battle.
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Meaning of predictably

  • adverb In a predictable manner or to a predictable degree
    predictably, he did not like the news