predator and prey

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  • Both predator and prey, they are faster and more wary than fresh water game fish.
  • Many predators and prey need a certain amount of space between another in order to receive enough food, water, and other biological needs.
  • We will see the lives of sharks both as predators and prey.
  • They must plan their ecosystem well so that it can help both predator and prey achieve balance in the wild.
  • In scenes including both predators and prey, the animals were digitally added instead to ensure their safety.
  • At a given trophic level there may be one species or a group of species with the same predators and prey.
  • An "evolutionary arms race" can be seen between predator and prey species.
  • Much of the communication between predators and prey can be defined as signaling.
  • Moreover, the exhibit is the first to have natural predator and prey in the same space.
  • They act as both predator and prey within their ecosystems.
  • For children up to 12 years there is a predator-and-prey activity area.
  • The specific effects vary with the size ratio between predator and prey.
  • His moral vision is a harsh one: the world is made up of predators and prey, and only the strong survive.
  • Because predators and prey move around in and use information about their environment, these experiments are typically carried out using spatially structured populations.
  • Trophic species are functional groups that have the same predators and prey in a food web.
  • This most likely serves as a form of camouflage to conceal it from both predators and prey.
  • It follows a predator and prey metaphor where a population of programs and a population of unit tests evolve together and influence each other.
  • These aversions have been induced in both predator and prey species.
  • Sailing under false colors was a common ruse, both for predator and prey.
  • Predation may affect the population size of predators and prey and the number of species coexisting in a community.
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