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  • The band has a history that predates even its current name.
  • Old House is the only building to predate the school on the current site.
  • Freedom of speech and expression has a long history that predates modern international human rights instruments.
  • However, the term for the region predated the formation of the school district.
  • Several ball games which appear to predate the modern era exist in modern Scotland.
  • The business actually predated his entering it, but when he did it was a very small operation.
  • Many trees that might predate the village's destruction can be seen.
  • This predated the national movement toward integration by more than a half century.
  • Many consider this significant since several of the books are thought to predate Jesus.
  • Ultimately the origin of the name is unknown but predates the town itself by several hundred years.
  • The most popular events are those whose history predate the founding of the circuit.
  • The carriage house predated the main house and all other structures on the property.
  • His original source may have predated him by several centuries.
  • Property could therefore predate the existence of government, and thus society can be dedicated to the protection of property.
  • The stories in this collection predate the publication of the book by several years.
  • Some of the plant life predates the last ice age.
  • The company long predated the building, and even its name.
  • Buildings which predate this now have their original fine ground floor rooms buried at basement level.
  • Some houses predate the industrial period, and a number of houses were built later in the 19th century.
  • But it is readily predated by several fish species once the fish are larger.
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Meaning of predate

  • verb Be earlier in time; go back further
    Stone tools precede bronze tools
  • verb Establish something as being earlier relative to something else