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  • This statement can be said to be more precise than the original one.
  • They are not intended to provide precise data in a given time frame.
  • We would also need information about the world system more precise and comprehensive than is currently available.
  • Despite an extensive search, the precise site has never been found.
  • This approach is being increasingly used to provide more precise location information.
  • The precise origin of the name of the town is not known for certain.
  • More precise measures of soil strength are often made prior to construction.
  • We will now give the precise meaning of this statement as well as its proof.
  • The precise location of the original grave is no longer known.
  • Beyond this the precise division of power varies from one nation to another.
  • Their precise classification would appear to be a matter for further research.
  • Time transfer is a scheme where multiple sites share a precise reference time.
  • From their composition it has been possible to determine the precise area from which they began their journey.
  • There are a number of equivalent ways that this idea can be made precise.
  • Additional terms are sometimes added to make the calculation even more precise.
  • Precise focus is possible at only one distance; at that distance, a point object will produce a point image.
  • Also, very high pressure water guns are used for precise cutting.
  • The last few also contained a precise description of his own illness.
  • Precise details of the size and tenure of every piece of land are given.
  • By the mentioned principle, they are required to respect the group structures in a precise sense.
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Meaning of precise

  • adjective Sharply exact or accurate or delimited
    a precise mind, specified a precise amount, arrived at the precise moment