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  • His parents initially kept him out of school due to precarious health.
  • Many agricultural people moved to cities and threw themselves into new precarious lives.
  • Some are local citizens who have fallen from an already precarious economic position.
  • He remained there only a few days, but his liberty was still precarious after his release.
  • It was a precarious way of life, since there was little fresh water available.
  • The war situation has made the life of women more precarious.
  • The town was completely destroyed with the precarious bell tower the only remaining building.
  • The clubs sometimes take advantage of the precarious legal situation of the women.
  • However, his position was far more precarious than his parliamentary majority would suggest.
  • Some children may be found the next morning in a precarious arrangement if they are found at all.
  • Its peculiar though precarious natural state makes the region a place of great beauty and scientific importance.
  • The result was that the capital was under pressure and the military situation was precarious.
  • With a majority of only one, National's hold on power was always precarious.
  • Her precarious health and complex mental condition make the actual cause of death a question to this day.
  • Even before the war the state of the Spanish empire was precarious.
  • As his family increased his means of subsistence became more and more precarious.
  • She then rejected outside offers in order to attend to her husband's precarious health.
  • He has never been a day scholar owing to his precarious financial condition.
  • Police was caught in a precarious situation and were exposed in the open without any cover.
  • At this time in his life, he was living in Paris in extremely precarious conditions.
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