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  • Family members will pray around the body as soon as possible after death.
  • She asked her family to take her to the church to pray immediately.
  • Family members will pray around the body as soon as possible after Death.
  • He wanted them to pray for his team, which they have done ever since.
  • Women pray on the first floor, above the western part of the hall.
  • He would also occasionally take time off to visit the temple to pray.
  • Will he go to God, to whom he has prayed all his life?
  • I stopped working in films and spent all my time praying for him.
  • I pray God that we may all go forward hand in hand.
  • He went into a church to pray, and fell behind the group.
  • The character may pray to the spirit to increase standing in the faith.
  • She has therefore shown no right to the relief prayed by her bill.
  • During this part, her father would pray to the mountains for her.
  • They prayed that they would be allowed to die on land rather than at sea.
  • One evening while he was praying, a song began to form in his mind.
  • He is one of the main god who is being prayed in this village.
  • But does she believe all what they pray for herself?
  • He lived here and taught people how to pray to god.
  • It is generally prayed when one-fourth of the day has passed.
  • On the next morning, he made a public appearance to pray.
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Meaning of pray

  • verb Address a deity, a prophet, a saint or an object of worship; say a prayer
    pray to the Lord