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  • The pragmatic system is also involved in the construction of meaning while reading.
  • However they have also adapted for pragmatic reasons, making them appear more similar.
  • This is a pragmatic decision as the resources are usually available to bring them home quickly.
  • By the third season, however, he is presented as a more human, though still pragmatic, character.
  • He was an extremely pragmatic person, much like his father, and looked at the end rather than the means.
  • This practical political experience may have contributed to their taking a more pragmatic approach to politics.
  • Pragmatic intelligence, knowledge acquired through culture and experience, remains relatively stable with age.
  • Some are known by their true names, others only by the pragmatic names they were given in the scientific literature.
  • Indeed his growing awareness of the pragmatic tradition led him in the opposite direction.
  • Yet the English Pragmatic Army did not quickly follow up the attack.
  • Pragmatic directions provide children with additional information about the speaker's intended meaning.
  • He was rather pragmatic, knowing that he could not win the war on his own merit.
  • Throughout his reign, he remained committed to the pragmatic development of natural resources and sound business practices.
  • In pragmatic science, the goal is to develop knowledge that can be used to improve a situation.
  • He later developed a more and more pragmatic mental attitude and changed into a social democrat.
  • Students are taught to become pragmatic leaders in their various fields of endeavor.
  • Nevertheless, he has shown some flexibility on the issue and may take a pragmatic approach.
  • Some on the employers' side with whom he had worked felt that he could often be pragmatic.
  • However, he is known to be pragmatic on certain issues.
  • In the late 19th and early 20th century several forms of pragmatic philosophy arose.
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Meaning of pragmatic

  • adjective Of or concerning the theory of pragmatism