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  • The practical source of an emperor's power and authority was the military.
  • We do not yet know the practical limit of long-term memory capacity.
  • The technology has made this more practical, so that today models are rarely used.
  • Practical mathematics has been a human activity for as far back as written records exist.
  • In practical applications these three elements are typically contained in one unit.
  • They introduced the educational laboratory as a practical learning place for their students.
  • On a more practical level, the central government took an active interest in supporting agriculture.
  • Many of these lectures focused on practical areas of life such as education.
  • Applied research is the search for solutions to practical problems using this knowledge.
  • These so-called practical persons have much to say regarding their senses. Cited from Clairvoyance and Occult Powers, by Swami Panchadasi
  • Market forces and the private sector were allowed to determine practical development.
  • Human-powered flight has been achieved, but has not become a practical means of transport.
  • The choice of writing system is often based on politics rather than practical considerations.
  • When science is done with a goal toward practical utility, it is called applied science.
  • He pushed for the creation of practical class that could be applied outside of a school setting.
  • Many new practical issues arose out of the international context of business.
  • They are used for many reasons, both practical and academic.
  • Members of the free software movement advocate that works which serve a practical purpose should also be free.
  • No practical use was made of this effect.
  • Following this, the central party apparatus played little practical role in Soviet affairs.
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Meaning of practical

  • adjective Concerned with actual use or practice
    he is a very practical person, the idea had no practical application, a practical knowledge of Japanese, woodworking is a practical art