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  • We are what we are and free-will is powerless to change this.
  • This early version of the ring is shown as being powerless against wooden objects.
  • In God's plan, there is nothing special about being powerful or being powerless.
  • He thought that if he kept all of his potential threats near him, they would be powerless.
  • However, as long as the king lived, the Queen was powerless to change this.
  • In terms of Congress the opposition was nearly powerless -- and indeed in most states.
  • People in developing countries are powerless to do anything about it.
  • People feel helpless when they feel powerless to change their situation.
  • Like his first term, he called back the original National Assembly but he was even more powerless than before.
  • She was going to take his ability and use it on him, rendering him powerless.
  • Japan was almost powerless in the face of the technology and well-developed industry of the contemporary Western powers.
  • Police were called but were powerless in the face of large numbers of supporters.
  • On the other hand, a powerless being can not by definition be a god.
  • The police are powerless, and the city must be saved by three very different women who share a terrible past.
  • Many non-custodial parents feel they are powerless in the child support establish and collection process.
  • All opposition should fall powerless before the interests of the country and the sentiment of duty.
  • They also do not think they were powerless because they were economically dependent.
  • They will know they can confiscate your property, throw you in prison and you will be powerless.
  • She becomes powerless when her hair becomes wet (or cut off).
  • This was all new to me, all new to him, and I felt powerless to find a way to help him.
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Meaning of powerless

  • adjective Lacking power