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  • In such a fine powdered form, iron can burn, due to its increased surface area.
  • In recent years powdered copper has also come into use.
  • The powdered form must be mixed in water prior to use; a liquid version is also available.
  • The hair also looks like it could have been powdered.
  • Your master, having rebelled against the king, will have his body broken and his bones powdered.
  • Powdered human hair is used as a medical treatment for anxiety.
  • It is a regional commercial and manufacturing center and the country's leading producer of powdered green tea.
  • Even dried and powdered leaves contain the poison which can kill fish very quickly.
  • The dry, powdered variety can be stored in bottles and will last up to four weeks.
  • One thing led to another until he came up with a powdered graphite paste product that would make its mark.
  • He gives her a hard time, but eventually gives her some powdered milk, and some sugar water in a bottle.
  • This test can be further expanded to test the mineral in its original crystal form or powdered.
  • She wore a red dress, her grey hair was powdered, and her movements were nervous.
  • Formal court dress also still required powdered hair.
  • The fashion of the time was for women to increasingly wear their hair high on their head, and often it was powdered.
  • The powdered mix has also been marketed as a weight-control product.
  • Most often, the drug in question is powdered and placed in the mouth (often directly under the tongue).
  • The powdered root has also been used in the treatment of chest wounds.
  • He then walks through the forest, scattering the powdered bones over water, earth, trees and plants.
  • It remains one of the top selling powdered cleansers in the United States today.
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Root form of powdered is powder for the verb.

Meaning of powdered

  • verb Apply powder to
    She powdered her nose, The King wears a powdered wig