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  • The aircraft did not last long in North American postwar military service.
  • This would also require US economic and political leadership of the postwar world.
  • In the central part of the town, the buildings are mainly from the postwar period.
  • Martin's postwar law practice grew to become one of the largest and most successful in the country.
  • The city became a bedroom community and industrial job center following postwar growth.
  • The book shows how the impact extended into the postwar years.
  • He is one of the most well-regarded postwar American painters still working today.
  • During the postwar period, a comprehensive system of social security was gradually established.
  • These were slowly published over the following decade, and his fame increased rapidly in the postwar period.
  • He wants something better, but the tight postwar job market forces him to return to his old job.
  • Several black Missourians made some progress in social status during the postwar period.
  • Postwar analysis indicated that no hits were recorded and that a near-miss took place.
  • The records include the original manuscripts of certain postwar reports that the committee received from general officers.
  • Postwar redevelopment has replaced many of these areas with large estates, some more successful than others.
  • Japanese postwar technological research was carried out for the sake of economic growth rather than military development.
  • The literature of the entire postwar period thus enjoyed great attention, despite its often precarious position.
  • A well-played wench character became critical to success in the postwar period.
  • He did this partly to help Britain in its postwar economic difficulties.
  • The postwar period brought a great expansion in the number of colleges in the system.
  • Production figures for aircraft used postwar include examples built after the war ended, of the same versions already flying during the war.
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  • adjective Belonging to the period after a war
    postwar resettlement, postwar inflation