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  • It has been postulated to be a separate species based on little evidence.
  • These numerous manuscripts are so similar that a single original can be postulated.
  • This idea had been postulated many years before, however, the mechanism was quite unknown.
  • Information is postulated to enter the long-term store from the short-term store more or less automatically.
  • He postulated that four colors would be sufficient to color any map.
  • A future history is a postulated history of the future.
  • For the first time in the German-speaking world he postulated psychological causes of disease.
  • Humans are not only what the latest science has postulated them to be, but also what they sense themselves to be.
  • It has been postulated as an early kingdom, but is not mentioned by the great majority of historians.
  • Government-controlled money is also postulated to be more stable than credit money or commodity money.
  • Two extinct species have been postulated, based on limited evidence.
  • Einstein postulated that the speed of light should be taken as constant in all cases, one-way and two-way.
  • Over the years, historians have postulated several more names for the man assassinated and his role.
  • The same idea has also been postulated for the generation of adakites.
  • It is postulated that fear is a defense mechanism that has evolved over time to provide protection.
  • It is therefore postulated, but by no means certain, that the species has a preference for this genus.
  • It is postulated therefore that it is very difficult to tell ahead of time which stocks will out-perform the market.
  • The postulated superiority of these people was said to make them born leaders, or a "master race".
  • An intermediate state B where only one corner is shared was also postulated by Lewis.
  • The rest has been postulated by experimental archaeology, which has shown the most likely form and function of the buildings.
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Root form of postulated is postulate for the verb.

Meaning of postulated

  • verb Take as a given; assume as a postulate or axiom
    He posited three basic laws of nature