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  • He allowed one hit and struck out four in his only postseason appearance.
  • This is the first time that these two teams met in the postseason.
  • The two teams have met four times in the postseason, with each team winning two games.
  • This season featured only three teams that failed to make the previous season's postseason.
  • The league in the past generally takes a several week break between the regular season and postseason.
  • He only got one chance in the postseason and he certainly made the most of it.
  • No player has ever hit four home runs in a postseason game (the record is three).
  • Despite his solid season, he was originally not expected to make a start in the postseason.
  • However, the first two games of a postseason series are hosted by the same team.
  • He started each of the final ten regular season games and opened two of three postseason contests.
  • Both teams have made the postseason as a National League wild card twice.
  • He recorded a goal and five points during the postseason.
  • During the bowl's existence it was generally the first bowl game played during the postseason.
  • He is also known, however, for some high profile missed field goal attempts in postseason games.
  • However, neither of these teams were ultimately successful in the postseason.
  • His best performances in his career came in the postseason.
  • All of the regular season and postseason games will be broadcast, as well as other related shows involving the team.
  • Some players arrive late due to their college team's postseason play, which sometimes runs into early June.
  • This marked the first time that the league's postseason had best-of-five-game playoffs.
  • They have made dozens of postseason appearances and won several league and regional championships.
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