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  • She postponed medical school for two years while she wrote two more novels.
  • The cross-country flight test had been previously postponed twice due to bad weather.
  • The release of the album was postponed several times, though no official reason was given.
  • The journey was postponed during the production of his first opera and other works.
  • He postponed the book in order to do more studies on space, expression, and movement.
  • Although most of the engineering work has been completed, the release has been constantly postponed.
  • However, the line has been repeatedly postponed due to multiple issues during its construction process.
  • The original hearing was postponed because a report from a lower court was not yet received.
  • However, some people were not ready on that date, and so it was postponed.
  • Military service can often be postponed for further education -- either college or university, or technical studies.
  • The race, however, was postponed a day because of bad weather conditions.
  • The opening of the hotel has been scheduled several times but postponed.
  • This station was included in the line's original plans, but was postponed until future demand.
  • The New York opening was postponed five times while extra weeks were played out of town.
  • The film was postponed for over a year due to production and script issues.
  • Because of the high construction costs, the construction of line C was postponed.
  • It also suggests that every second or third year the beginning of the year was postponed by one month.
  • In fact, it would soon be postponed again, with only a minor commission beginning work in November.
  • His planned US tour in support of the release was postponed per doctor's advice.
  • The first few weeks of the planned action were postponed while negotiation took place.
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Root form of postponed is postpone for the verb.

Synonyms of postponed

Meaning of postponed

  • verb Hold back to a later time
    let's postpone the exam