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  • This is the most common language used when posting within China.
  • The user posting the message would generally not have any control over the origin line.
  • With this posting, he became the youngest state university president in the nation.
  • Posting the same message every day or every week is not permitted.
  • The posting remained online for several weeks even after the real doctor made requests to take it down.
  • During this time, many of the girls appeared in the local and national media, as well as posting on social media.
  • His last posting was in Ireland, by which time he was a Major General.
  • The Temple to be erected as earlier in this posting has till date not been finished.
  • This marked the first time that the team had made the playoffs while posting a losing record.
  • This feature is very similar to protected posting in many ways.
  • Stevenson's father was assigned a new posting every two and a half years.
  • A large banner was produced by the front office for posting on the wall behind the section.
  • Thus, the judge only ordered Sun to change its posting practices.
  • The posting suggests that other vendors provide a similar function under different names.
  • Every officer and soldier serving with the regiment was named including lists of those on posting.
  • The proposal appeared first in a web posting on his academic site.
  • Only after posting would anyone be promoted to a higher grade.
  • He remained at this posting until his death.
  • That year, he put up even better numbers than the consistently good ones he had been posting for a decade.
  • He then returned to Trier where he spent fourteen quiet months before he was given his next posting.
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Root form of posting is post for the verb.

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Synonyms of posting

Meaning of posting

  • noun (bookkeeping) a listing on the company's records
    the posting was made in the cash account
  • verb Affix in a public place or for public notice
    post a warning
  • verb Publicize with, or as if with, a poster
    I'll post the news on the bulletin board
  • verb Assign to a post; put into a post
    The newspaper posted him in Timbuktu
  • verb Display, as of records in sports games
  • verb Enter on a public list
  • verb Transfer (entries) from one account book to another
  • verb Ride western style and bob up and down in the saddle in rhythm with a horse's trotting gait
  • verb Place so as to be noticed
    post a sign, post a warning at the dump
  • verb Mark or expose as infamous
    She was branded a loose woman