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  • Info Posthumous means arising, occurring, or continuing after one's death.
  • However, the leader was often given a more complex formal posthumous name as well.
  • After the band's sudden end, their label released one live album and one posthumous album.
  • Therefore, only the new posthumous name was adopted, and the temple name was not.
  • Like so many who win this medal, the award was posthumous.
  • It is also not known when she died, and there was no record of a posthumous name given to her.
  • Three years after her death, a second posthumous album of previously unreleased material was released.
  • They also had posthumous names that were less used, except in traditional historical texts.
  • He wrote the life of his father, and edited his posthumous works.
  • No official posthumous name was recorded for this young emperor.
  • Then some posthumous book with that title did come out, and it was a great disappointment.
  • A posthumous name should not be confused with the era name and temple name.
  • One posthumous award is given each year as well.
  • He may have lost his diplomatic career but he received much posthumous acclaim.
  • He published six proofs, and two more were found in his posthumous papers.
  • Much of this article has been translated and adapted from his posthumous work.
  • To combine an emperor's temple name and posthumous name, place temple first.
  • The court gave him the posthumous rank of Minister of the Right.
  • Confucius has been given long posthumous names in almost every major dynasty.
  • All his other works would receive a posthumous publication.
  • However, one member did achieve a small amount of posthumous recognition.
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