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  • A master's degree is always a postgraduate degree, either taught or by research.
  • He subsequently obtained a postgraduate degree in public law, and held various positions in the civil service.
  • The hospital also offers a wide range of postgraduate training programs.
  • They offer a three-year postgraduate art course to students.
  • The university's medical campus provides students with several opportunities for postgraduate study.
  • The school offers graduate and postgraduate training, and is very active in research.
  • A wide variety of courses are also available at the postgraduate level.
  • She subsequently became a postgraduate student and taught composition at the college.
  • They are not available to support training or immediate postgraduate work.
  • Postgraduate study involved three to six years of study.
  • A one-year postgraduate course is available for working executives with at least two years of past work experience.
  • Education theory itself is becoming an integral part of postgraduate medical training.
  • The school also has a large number of both undergraduate and postgraduate design and technology courses.
  • It provides an opportunity to study the music business at postgraduate level and to get hands-on experience of working within the industry.
  • The Campus provides education to a small number of postgraduate students and is host to eight members of research staff.
  • For part-time study, two or three years of study are normally required to achieve a postgraduate degree.
  • It also offers a one-year postgraduate programme in Public Management and Policy.
  • His father was often away earning a postgraduate degree in college.
  • Currently a special program for foreign postgraduate students is being implemented.
  • He ran postgraduate seminars, and participated in four public events each year, including a two-week summer school.
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