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  • At the same time, big-character posters started to appear in the city.
  • He chose theatre as a secondary subject so that he could design posters.
  • It has also commonly been used by commercial bill posters since the nineteenth century.
  • Project teams may present posters of their completed projects at the Annual.
  • Other fine art posters followed and the streets came alive with color.
  • You will therefore cause some posters to this effect to be printed.
  • How many posters did you see in people's windows?
  • She and her secretary put up posters and gold records.
  • This title also appeared on some posters in many countries before the eventual title was announced.
  • He also designed the posters for the film and illustrated the press book.
  • International versions of many of his films' posters line its walls.
  • Back at their home, they remove all the white power posters from their bedroom walls.
  • Each party publicizes their letter prior to election day, with most election posters featuring them.
  • His posters were put up on the company's sales offices and attracted attention.
  • He also often designed the posters for his films.
  • Kozik had previously been known for his work on posters and album art.
  • A non-official language may be used on signs and posters of the administration for health or public safety reasons.
  • In the second grade he did posters for school events.
  • Later, posters of pin-up girls were mass-produced and became an instant hit.
  • The poster is frequently named one of the greatest movie posters ever made.
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Root form of posters is poster for the noun.

Meaning of posters

  • noun A sign posted in a public place as an advertisement
    a poster advertised the coming attractions