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  • This shows that the posterior has the same form as the prior.
  • A common scoring function is posterior probability of the structure given the training data.
  • For the most part, only the posterior three pairs of legs are used for running.
  • What is important is the relationship between the loss function and the posterior probability.
  • This need not be a problem if the posterior distribution is proper.
  • We wish to determine which posterior is greater, male or female.
  • The lens is more flat on its anterior side than on its posterior side.
  • For example, one would want any decision rule based on the posterior distribution to be admissible under the adopted loss function.
  • It is a fall of the inferior part of the back, or the whole back and posterior.
  • However, that position would cause Soapsuds' posterior to face due east, toward the main campus entrance.
  • In many cases the guide extends laterally on each side at its posterior end.
  • While the posterior course is well visible in the neutral position.
  • This system can be difficult to find as it is small as well as extremely dorsal and posterior to the other systems.
  • However, the posterior distribution need not be a proper distribution if the prior is improper.
  • The last floor of the posterior wing is marked by a succession of rooms and the chapel.
  • They are usually much smaller than the posterior lateral eyes and there is doubt about whether they are at all functional in many species.
  • Body growth starts from the neck region, so the oldest proglottids are at the posterior end.
  • The last part of the body to become cold is the top of the head (posterior fontanelle).
  • In most cases it is the posterior canal that is affected.
  • The air pressure is temporary as the posterior segment will soon re-fill with fluid.
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Meaning of posterior

  • adjective Located at or near or behind a part or near the end of a structure