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  • Two postal services were available under the empire, one public and one private.
  • Its name was later changed to its current form by postal authorities.
  • The name was chosen by an early postal official to honor close friends.
  • He had no access to writing paper or the postal service, which made communication almost impossible.
  • Less than one month after leaving the postal service he finished his first novel, Post Office.
  • A five-month postal strike also led to deep anger amongst people all over the country.
  • Mail may not have been the primary mission of this postal service, however.
  • The empire was bound together by roads, along which there was a regular postal service.
  • The town officially built and commissioned a postal office later that year.
  • These postal districts are still recognized by the post office and widely referred to by citizens.
  • The new boundary of the city went far beyond the original London postal districts.
  • However, there has been very little change in London postal district boundaries.
  • The state also managed roughly of postal service routes by horse or boat.
  • Egypt Post is the government-owned body that provide postal services.
  • This area does not share its name with any local school district, nor any fire, water, library, or postal district.
  • A postal service can be private or public, though many governments place restrictions on private systems.
  • Postal officials also rejected because another post office of that name existed elsewhere in the territory.
  • During the war the base was set up to use a nondescript number for postal operations.
  • The postal history topics described below are some of the better known and popular topics.
  • Due to a postal strike, regional votes were announced for each song.
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Meaning of postal

  • adjective Of or relating to the system for delivering mail
    postal delivery