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  • The certificate can be expected to be received within approximately seven working days, taking into account postage time.
  • With only minor changes, this design has been used on all Greek postage due stamps since.
  • At the same time, the government released a special postage stamp in their honour.
  • Thus the use of perfins gave organizations better security over their postage.
  • The species has been the subject of postage stamps from several countries.
  • It covers all postage stamp producing nations in one volume for those years.
  • At the same time, a special postage stamp was released in their honour.
  • Before postage stamps existed, people receiving letters would have to pay for them.
  • The service was established after customers complained about the high price of postage.
  • This offer was rejected by the government, but it did halt their planned second-class postage rate increase.
  • Also, his picture appeared on a postage stamp and a street was renamed in his honor.
  • The colony issued a number of postage stamps during its short existence.
  • Cards and letters are still placed in the barrel without any postage.
  • They remained in circulation for only about two years, after which they were withdrawn when the postage rate was changed.
  • They would pay neither postage, tolls, nor taxes -- and they never used public transport.
  • Envelopes sold with postage paid did not include this, so were marked with the country's name.
  • Such mail is treated as international, not inland, so sufficient postage must be used.
  • Three years before he died, he became the first living Australian to be featured on an Australian postage stamp.
  • The postage rates vary from one service to another and these can be found at the company's website.
  • Soon after the introduction of the postage stamp, other subjects and designs began to appear.
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Meaning of postage

  • noun The charge for mailing something
  • noun A small adhesive token stuck on a letter or package to indicate that that postal fees have been paid