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  • First, you might take possession of something which has never been possessed before.
  • However it is clear that he possessed a powerful navy in addition to his army.
  • Moreover, they would be re-settled on land better than that they possessed.
  • In this regard they possessed the knowledge and experience to lead and train the men well.
  • He called it rest mass energy - energy which every mass must possess even when being at rest.
  • He now possesses two blue eyes and all fingers are back in their original place.
  • Originally, the human soul possessed faith in one God, but lost it with the fall.
  • Before thee, did not other kings possess it for a while, then pass away?
  • He could assume a different bird form for each magic power he possessed.
  • This is because he greatly desired to possess light, that which she created.
  • They also possess a smaller pick to allow for better edge-work.
  • The new bank possessed the greatest resources and the most branches of any bank in the country.
  • It is no longer known who possessed the other four original copies, or if they still exist.
  • All that is required is an intention to possess something for the time being.
  • In common law countries, the intention to possess a thing is a fact.
  • Some units only possessed between four and eight companies and were generally known as battalions.
  • However, they must possess at least one quality in common.
  • Those who suffer from the condition believe they are possessed by a fox.
  • If any lady possesses a pretty-looking slave, the fact soon gets known.
  • Their language possessed no single term corresponding to the modern European concept of religion.
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Root form of possess is posse for the noun.

Synonyms of possess

Meaning of possess

  • noun A temporary police force
  • verb Have as an attribute, knowledge, or skill
    he possesses great knowledge about the Middle East
  • verb Enter into and control, as of emotions or ideas
    What possessed you to buy this house?, A terrible rage possessed her