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  • They had spent the last four years positioning themselves as the government in waiting.
  • This positioning also makes it an important trade center in this region of the nation.
  • For that reason, several positioning systems have been developed during the past decades.
  • Its political positioning is social right wing and economic left wing.
  • As the episode goes on, his positioning above characters becomes less and less frequent.
  • The play is named after the positioning of the quarterback as he hands the ball off.
  • Something went very wrong with the sound positioning system.
  • Take-off positioning requires experience at predicting the wave set and where they will break.
  • He also made a layout plan for the positioning of the figures using a computer.
  • Positioning the goals well within the endlines allows play to occur behind them.
  • It is currently the reference system being used by the Global Positioning System.
  • This is used when there is the need of an absolute reference, such as positioning systems.
  • We have been working on a number of projects to reflect this 'new world' positioning.
  • He regarded Canonical as positioning itself as demand for services related to free software rose.
  • However, despite its high positioning, the album dropped to number 44 in the following week.
  • Different positioning is used in different situations, when the defensive team can expect a certain type of hit.
  • Positioning may refer the position a business has chosen to carry out their marketing and business objectives.
  • The Global Positioning System may by able to operate as such a network.
  • Centres have more flexibility in their positioning and are expected to cover more ice surface than any other player.
  • The positioning of loudspeakers in the room has a strong influence on the sound experience.
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Root form of positioning is position for the verb.

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Meaning of positioning

  • verb Cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation