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  • Info Position refers to the spatial location (rather than orientation) of an entity.
  • Then he changed his mind and ran again for the full-time position.
  • He has generally played at the full-back position for his county.
  • His work led to a full time position with the magazine.
  • The bridge is now left in the open position as shown.
  • He started as a centre-forward, but converted to the centre-half position.
  • In the three next seasons it has ended in mid-table positions.
  • The legal position is different at other sites and in other countries.
  • The mayor is a full-time elected position and not a member of the city council.
  • Movement between lines like this is particularly common across all positions.
  • He was offered a full-time position but chose to remain in his part-time position.
  • He was offered a full-time position but chose to remain in his part-time position.
  • Former members of the society have gone on to senior positions in the media and business.
  • She was offered a full-time position, but turned it down, putting family first.
  • The order of teams is by play off position.
  • Ten other people have held the city manager position.
  • Only the mayor is elected to a full-time position.
  • Over the next two seasons, he made eleven appearances, playing in either full-back position.
  • The programs are designed to help students get entry level positions in their chosen programs.
  • The club then quickly followed this up the next season with another runners-up position.
  • They liked him so much, that they eventually offered him a full-time position within the group.
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Meaning of position

  • noun The particular portion of space occupied by something
    he put the lamp back in its place
  • noun A way of regarding situations or topics etc.
    consider what follows from the positivist view
  • noun The arrangement of the body and its limbs
    he assumed an attitude of surrender
  • noun A job in an organization
    he occupied a post in the treasury
  • noun The spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated
    the position of the hands on the clock, he specified the spatial relations of every piece of furniture on the stage
  • noun The appropriate or customary location
    the cars were in position
  • noun (in team sports) the role assigned to an individual player
    what position does he play?
  • noun A rationalized mental attitude
  • noun The act of positing; an assumption taken as a postulate or axiom
  • verb Cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation