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  • Info Posit is something that is posited; a postulate; an axiom.
  • While agricultural use has been posited, no clear evidence has been presented.
  • He posited that people will naturally do what is good, if they know what is right.
  • The blue is posited as in nature related to other factors in nature. Cited from The Concept of Nature, by Alfred North Whitehead
  • One has only to posit a thing, and it's done. Cited from South Wind, by Norman Douglas
  • Interest Group theory posits that the driving force behind state behavior is sub-state interest groups.
  • He posited a direct relationship between the perception of art and the individual.
  • The theory that Earhart may have turned back mid-flight has been posited.
  • However, he also posits that the soul also has an acquired intellect.
  • In terms of the cause of the rebellion, he posited political factors rather than economic ones.
  • Several reasons have been posited throughout church history for the absence of instrumental music in church worship.
  • Overall, she posited that class size is a factor in students' success.
  • It posits three areas of media coverage into which a topic may fall.
  • This model posits that equal time should be spent in separate instruction of the native language and of the community language.
  • The philosophy posits four levels of the human being and three systems by which they interact.
  • There is no such thing as nature at an instant posited by sense-awareness. Cited from The Concept of Nature, by Alfred North Whitehead
  • He posits conditions which are not involved in the nature of political emancipation itself. Cited from Selected Essays, by Karl Marx
  • Recently she is posited to be the first known woman architect, whose work frequently may have been attributed to men.
  • Either one posits as fundamental the thing itself, matter, independent of any consciousness of it. Cited from An Outline Of The History Of Christian Thought Since Kant, by Edw. Moore
  • It posited a similar society on a similar planet surrounded by similarly named stars.
  • Its habitat is posited as between above mean sea level.
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